Don’t hit the snooze button

Good morning!

Today marked the first “don’t hit the snooze button” morning this week. And I’m off to a terrible start.

I formed a nasty habit this summer – alarm goes off. snooze button pressed. I lie in bed for five minutes. alarm goes off. snooze button pressed. I lie in bed for five more minutes. Repeat for half an hour or 45 minutes. But really. I’ve never been a big snooze-button presser, but this summer it started, for some strange reason.

Habits die hard, and my snooze happy habit has lead to many a wasted morning, and if you know me at all, you are aware of the bazillion things happening in my life. Therefore, early morning quiet times are more necessary than ever, and my habit has been standing in the way of that. Not only that, once I’m up, I regret not having done so sooner.

This morning was meant to be a fresh start, but sadly my snooze button was hit twice this morning. Baby steps though, right?

This whole snooze button challenge got me to thinking – in what other areas of my life am I hitting snooze? In what other areas of my life am I choosing to lay back in the warmth of my covers, despite the fact that if I get up and get moving, great things can happen?

I think about the areas of my life in which I choose to sit back and not participate, simply because being apathetic and sometimes downright lazy is easier and seems to be more comfortable now. But am I sacrificing amazing experiences, opportunities and interactions as a result?


Not only am I choosing to stop hitting the snooze button on my alarm each morning for a while (I hope…baby steps), I’m choosing to identify spaces in my life in which I do the same.

Are you hitting the snooze button in some areas of your life, choosing to remain comfy but later regretting your inaction?