about this blog

Every day holds hidden bursts of color that can enrich our lives and provide a recess from the monotony of routine. Opportunities to learn, form new relationships, and encounter adventures can shower an average day with celebratory vibrance.


What is your day’s confetti?

a great chat with an old friend?

trying a new recipe?

a spontaneous activity?

stumbling upon an old photograph?

In spite of the college-student pressure to constantly look towards the next step, the next rung on the ladder that supposedly leads to happiness, I plan to seek out small, daily celebrations that demand a handful of confetti and bring an escape from the humdrum of the average day.


One thought on “about this blog

  1. Also, I love the reason for the name! I wondered what it was about and this is far too better than I would have guessed on my own. I love you, Kellye Coleman. Thanks for sharing your confetti times with me so I can remember to look at my own.

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