Weekend Retreat!

Tomorrow I’m heading home to Woodberry for fall break, exhausted from a monster midterm week. I’ll be bringing along three good friends:

Jeneva, who shares my love for hot coffee, good conversation and yummy chocolate!
Susannah, my hilarious and thoughtful roommate (This photo a blast from the past!).
Danielle, who co-leads a small group bible study with me and is a great little chef!

I can’t wait to relax with this ladies, sleeping, eating, stargazing, hiking, and spending some time sharing good conversation.

I sent an email to the girls the other day, just with details about when we’d be leaving and what we’d be doing. I copied my mom on the email, just so she was aware as well.

My mom sent this response that made me smile:

Hi Ladies,

I look forward to welcoming you to our modest retreat here in the Virginia Piedmont. Clean beds and some homemade goodies will be on hand. The leaves are starting to turn. It should be beautiful.

Please do let me know if there is some favorite food you like (or something you hate), and I will try to accomodate.

Drive Safely!

I love my mom, and her email was definitely my day’s confetti. I’m thrilled that she’s willing to host a hoard of loud, hungry college students despite her busy schedule. Such a blessing!

Right now, our home is full of empty beds waiting to be filled with lovely ladies, and we’re looking forward to some rest. I’m so excited for the weekend of lovin’ ahead!


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