A Stunning Example

Dear Mom and Dad (aka Faquaad and Maquaad),

I can only hope that I have the kind of relationship you have. Nothing is perfect, of course, and there are definite flaws and faults there, but the love you have for each other is so evident to me – in the way you speak to, poke fun at and care for one another. Your friendship is stunning, and the love you have for Christ and each other is a beautiful example for those around you, including me.

You’ve raised seven beautiful children (if I may say so myself) and have provided for us in a way that we don’t deserve. We’re truly blessed. Just a few weeks ago, you celebrated 28 years of marriage, and I thought I’d share some nuggets on the blog that you shared with me.

Thank you for who you both are and for everything that you do. I’m one lucky girl.


Kellye (aka Fat Fat)

I LOVE THIS. Mom cross-stitched it shortly after she became engaged to dad.
Mom's bridal shower. I'm throwing it in, because LOOK AT THOSE GLASSES! yikes!
Mom's getting ready to walk down the aisle!
I clearly inherited my beautiful smile from her. Thanks, mom!
My dad and grandfather before the ceremony.
My grandmother is on the left. I miss her. Isn't she a beauty?
Mom walking down the aisle with her dad!
Beautiful mama!
Grandpa and dad
So happy!
They're babies! Mom was 20, a year younger than I am now, and Dad was 22.
A staged photo. The car actually broke down, so they had to borrow another. Hah. Whoops!
Thanksgiving 2010
Dancing during my sister's wedding reception. Clearly loving life - and each other!
At the beach this summer. LOVE this photo.
You have a lot of kids, mom and dad...just to be sure you know!

4 thoughts on “A Stunning Example

  1. Kellye, your family is an inspiration to me. Your parents are such strong people. I’m so thankful that they raised you to be a beautiful (inside and outside) young woman. I am in love with the love your family has for one another.

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